Customise - GREEN SCREEN

photo booth green screen Canberra

Green Screen

Adding a green screen to the photobooth experience allows you to customize the wall behind where you stand inside the photobooth.

This creates new ways to add an exciting experience for your guests or to perhaps promote a company / Brand / Product to a targeted audience.

Marketing and Advertising:

  • Add a company logo / Slogan / Website
  • Use company / Brand colours
  • Promote a specific product or perhaps unveil a new product to your target audience
  • Use these images for marketing purposes on social media platforms and contain your company logo / product in the background forever.
  • Social engagement with your clients / Consumers / future target market


Think about it, in our nearly 10 years of experience everyone usually takes the photostrip keepsakes home, often years later people look back at these images for a laugh and guess what? Your product / Logo / Brand is featured all over the image and works as free future marketing. Pretty cool stuff.

This is not made up either, an example we have had on numerous occasions is clients call us years later to book a photobooth for an event, and guess what? the photostrip reminded them of our website, why? because it was printed on the photostrip kept on their fridge acting as a constant reminder. FREE MARKETING STRIKES AGAIN!!!

open photo booth canberra

Back drops

Back drops for the open photo booth can be a great addition to the event, offering you the opportunity to create theatrical entrances, a special corner feature to the venue or perhaps you just want the chance to have the entire party as your backdrop.

Picme Photo booth’s very own open photo booth has exactly that unique ability, with its easy construction and unbelievable DSLR camera quality, all you need to bring to the party is the backdrop design idea (which we nearly forgot to mention) is something we can certainly help you with, just ask our friendly staff for more information on where to get started with your very own unique backdrop.